We’re living in a world where technological advances allow us to create superior materials that last longer and hold up better over time. Tell me, which makes more sense: buying cheap clothing that needs to be thrown out and replaced within 1 year, or a more expensive clothing that can last 5-10 years and therefore uses less raw materials and reduces waste over the long-term? The clothes I wear may be slightly more expensive, but I’ve been wearing many of them for 5+ years. By mentioning the brands I wear and reporting on their quality, I’m helping other travelers reduce long-term waste and providing information about their quality.

I believe in combining our technological advances with minimalism and sustainability to find ways to reduce waste and minimize the need for constantly replacing things. The clothes I wear are functional across many climates and therefore I’m not constantly changing what I wear depending on where I travel. If I knew that I would be living in one climate for a long time (as many monks do), I would not need to worry about changing climates. Monks also live relatively inactive lives. They’re not frequently hiking through the mountains, climbing rocks, running and training for marathons, exploring different countries, etc. If my lifestyle was slower, what I own would differ as well.