Raam, Love is enough. That’s all, it’s so simple. I’m thankful that you wrote this since the tendency is that we look elsewhere for the solution to our problems. We don’t need the complicated plans that require “important people”, lots of money, government agencies and large corporations to try to make the world like we want it. It’s a simple decision to love. You were given an amazing opportunity to experience what life can be like when people genuinely care for each other. I do have a question for you. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if everybody didn’t have to go “home”? Why did everyone have to go home? Love is worth abandoning everything else in your life to go after. I liked when you said that they were like family. In a real sense family is those that share a common love for each other. Raam, the way you wrote this was as though you caught the light of a becon from the corner of your eye and where amazed by its light. What’s the next step bro? If you were stranded at sea what would be your next step? You’d probably risk your life to follow it. It’s your only hope of survival. I’m not sure if I’ve ever read anything online that even comes close in depth and conviction as what I’ve been reading from you…really. The question is how desperate are you to get back what you experience in Florida? As you know already love comes a cost(not monetary). It comes at the cost of giving up my selfish desires(of which I have many). In order to see the greater good of other peoples needs. Man! I’m so grateful we’re friends Raam. Thank you. Don’t stop expressing your heart!