Thank you for the thoughtful and heartwarming comment, John!

While none of us wanted to go home, we all had responsibilities and families to return to. However, I think that’s actually a good thing. We’re bringing back this experience with us and it’s affecting those we interact with (even if only indirectly). It was like we came together for that one week, built up an enormous amount of energy, compassion, and love, and then all of that energy was dispersed around the planet (as far as Australia!).

That connection we felt is still there and I think it’s being kept alive through the wonder of technologies like the Internet. We don’t need to be in the same physical space all the time to experience that same level of connectedness. I still feel very connected with all those people I lived with, even though they’ve all returned to their normal lives. That connected feeling causes me to look at total strangers while I sit in a cafe and feel just a little more connected to them too.

While living together and experiencing that togetherness is incredible, I think the real solution for the planet is for us to learn how to feel that connected going through our daily lives. To experience the connection every day, not just with other humans but with all life. To look at plants, trees, and animals and feel a sense of connection to them as well.