Raam – your way with words are truly inspiring – I find myself hard to overcome my initial reaction all the time because I’ve set up those barriers from years of being burned by others but it shows its true ugly face when I’m dismissive of those that I’ve just met.

Not any more.

I don’t really believe in karma but since things have been going good my way – I’m trying to pass it off to others. It’s the little things that brighten someone’s day such as holding open a door when their hands are full at the post office, smiling at someone and they smile back, saying thank you or offering your help.

It really becomes the journey we have in life that makes it so wonderful – not the end – not the power – not the final destinations and events (such as you pointed out) – it’s the connections we create during the process, bonds that are more powerful than the end results.

Compels you to do something good every day; not because you feel obligated but because you feel that it’s a part of your being. If more people thought like this than we’d be better off – although we can’t assume people will – if we take the first action to open people up to these thoughts than we’ll slowly build a great community.