Hi Alyx,

I love what you said about the simple gesture of embracing someone. I think we are too often skeptical and reserved when it comes to expressing empathy and kindness to those around us… we feel like they might abuse our kindness or return our trust with deceit (especially if we’ve been burned in the past). We don’t need to let our guard down and be susceptible to the evil of the world, but we can still express compassion and kindness to those who give us good vibes and who offer their kindness and compassion to us.

When I reply to these comments, I imagine myself sitting in front of you. We’re not separated by hundreds or thousands of miles — we’re connected through energy that envelopes all of us. You spent some of your life reading what I had to say and then leaving thoughts of your own for the whole world to see. To me, that deserves my respect and a response with my own thoughts. I imagine we’re sitting side-by-side having a brief conversation. 🙂