Those lambretta’s are EVERYWHERE. Those and the scooters/motorcycles (though I’m sure there’s even more in Vietnam).

It is really quite sad what’s happening to the city. The younger generation is just destroying anything historical that might be here. The big corporations like Google and Microsoft employ thousands of people in huge technology parks that contain multi-million dollar high-tech buildings.

There are slums literally 100 feet from the buildings. When we were on the raised freeway, I could see in the reflection of one of the big glass buildings people standing in the slums a few feet away. (It would have been an incredible picture. Unfortunately it went by too quick.)

The employees at one of the big tech parks (mostly people native to India) grouped together to help pay for a raised freeway that had only one exit: an exit to the technology park. They did this to avoid seeing all the poverty down below. I traveled on it and you literally can’t see anything except the tops of the buildings. The roads down below are already wide and don’t even get very crowded.

The friend that I’m staying with runs SELCO, a company that provides solar and other sustainable energy solutions to poor families around the country. After talking to them for the past few days, I’m really beginning to appreciate the work they’re doing for the people here.

I hope you do ask questions later! 🙂 Live vicariously through me!