I’m staying at Harish’s house right now, so I feel like it would be an invasion of his privacy if I posted pictures of his home! I’ll send you some pics so you can see what it’s like.

I’ll see if I can get pics of the solar panels.

I’ve mingled with the locals, yes. I’ve already made half-a-dozen friends — some that work at SELCO and some that are friends of those who work at SELCO.

I’m getting online at the SELCO office and at Harish’s house. I’m waiting for SELCO to get me a broadband card and SIM card… then I’ll be able to get online almost anywhere. There’s lots of paperwork involved, so I’m really lucky that SELCO is getting it for me (of course I still have to pay).

I’ll have plenty of wildlife when I go live on the farm in Ujire later this week (Saturday most likely). The farm is 9 miles from the nearest town and it’s on the edge of a wildlife preserve… so I’m sure there will be plenty of interesting things to see. There are elephants there and I heard there are king cobras!

Now stop being lazy and start reading! 😀