Welcome to India , Raam

Hope u do have pleasant stay in India, Keep posting , we love it !!!!!

Can understand , you feel weird seeing the surroundings but i assure that , you will start loving it

Try to learn the language of locals ( just few basic welcome words) becoz in India there are almost 16 different languages , where ever you go, u can find ppl with different slang

Find out their culture ,festivals and vegi food habits ( all will vary throughout India) hope in US u can find just Punjabi or Tamil – Indian Restaurants

Dont feel harsh , Raam .Try to see every country u visit in different angle, don’t compare with US.Easy to find faults , but hard to find positive . I m sure you will enjoy it . I know in the above article , you didn’t but felt comparison.

Let the post keep coming and enjoy ur nomadic travel

Manish , Chennai ( India )