Thank you Manish!

I love your advice about looking for the positive in every place instead of the negative. It’s so easy to compare new places to the area you’re already familiar with, but what’s more important are the positive qualities that the uniqueness of each place gives it.

I hope you don’t think I’m only talking about the negative… I love India already and I can’t wait to explore and see more of it! I definitely want to learn some of the local language. I already know a few words, but I want to learn more.

If you would allow me, I would love to visit you in Chennai at some point in the next few months. I will be in Ujire (West of Bangalore, near Mangalore) for the next few weeks, but then I will most likely start traveling around. Perhaps you can show me around Chennai if I visit?

Thank you for the comment and for reading! 🙂