Salam Raam!
we have a proverb in our country Iran which means drops add drops and then it will be a sea! I believe that we just can change ourselves. you know… In Islam there is a concept which say standing against bad things and darkness of the world is good and acceptable but what is the best and the greatest winning is standing against badness and darknesses inside our mind and soul. it means changing ourselves is much more harder than changing the world. and I’m sure it is. the world inside us is more complex and challengeable than the world outside.but when we get the change,even just a tinny change, then we can see world around us answer and start to change little by little.
what you have write here in this post is one of the most important lessons in Islam but as you know there are lots of people who pretend to be religious and call themselves muslim but they know nothing about it and just change it as they want. thanks for remembering the lesson man!