Salaam Mahsa. I think many of those who seem to be pretending might very well be choosing not to question knowledge presented to them or to seek real information. Instead they just accept whatever is presented to them.

As Muslims we are vast…1.5 billion people I think? That leaves a lot of room for variation and it’s sad that some people will use religion (and this happens in every religion) for their own benefit instead of seeking the basis, the truth. It (should) always come back to serving, loving, showing kindness, promoting peace and in the case of Islam and the other theistic paths, worshipping God.

All of that gets skewed by ignorance and as you say ”pretending” on the part of those who are happy to have things their own way for the sake of benefits.

Thanks for sharing the proverb. I hadn’t heard it before but it is very reminiscent of Buddhist teachings on inner change that I’m aware of.