Hi Joy!

I can totally relate to a love for walking barefoot! A few days ago I took a nice long (2 hour) walk through a local state forest and even though the ground was damp and cold, I decided to take my shoes and socks off and walk for about 2 miles barefoot. It was absolutely incredible to feel all the (painful) acorns under my feet. The colorful autumn leaves, the random bits of green moss, the granite rocks — it was an incredible experience! I recently discovered the “barefoot hiking” niche and I think I’m going to start doing a lot more barefoot hiking! 🙂

Talk about barefoot walking always reminds me about something I read years ago about how cities in Japan have “pebble paths” in parks where adults go on their breaks to walk barefoot and stimulate their feet. Studies have shown that stimulating your nervous system like that has amazing healing qualities!