Hey Raam, I know exactly what you mean.

It always seems like I’m going going going – I’m up nearly 21 hours each day always grinding on work and projects.

Not long ago, on a whim, some buddies of mine and I went to an outdoor festival. On the way down I was getting anxious because I was away “from it all” and was getting a bit annoyed since I wasn’t convincing myself I was being productive.

Long story short: a moment hit me right in the face on one of the nights – I was sitting in a field, surrounded by my friends with glowsticks and people dancing.

It hit me – this is what it’s about.

Everything else really seemed like a means to justify the end; what really mattered most wasn’t trying to keep up with everything, sitting in front of my computer and working away – it was being around my closest friends with music I love and absorbing the nature around us.

I certainly need to cut out a lot of things that I do but it’s a process – one step at a time. I too want to get back to nature and have those experiences more often.