Hi Raam 🙂

“Humanity is reaching out to its mother with open arms for comfort and a reconnection to what’s real” This sentence felt very resonant for me. I know this feeling so well.

I’m so on-again off-again with yoga and meditation. I was getting into the habit a few months ago but once I hit the road I fell out of it…and now I’m trying to pick the habit back up. It’s funny how often I have to convince myself to make time for these things yet once I actually do them, I feel amazing! Like a new person! But like you said, I can do it for a few days really well and then…one missed day turns into two and so on.

But when I read posts like this, I feel inspired and reinvigorated. You remind me how important it is to make conscious decisions in our lives to reduce stress and reconnect. Because it’s really very simple but…not. We have to decondition ourselves from yucky old habits and work on the new. For me, surrounding myself with a community that reminds me of this value (online and in person) is a huge help in keeping up with a new habit. And for that reason I thank you for this post 🙂