Hi Vanessa! 🙂

I think a familiar environment makes it immensely more difficult to form new long-term habits. I’ve found that when I’m on the road exploring a new place, it’s so much easier to build a new habit and stick with it (not moving around constantly… I’m referring to settling down somewhere new for a few weeks/months). Back in the familiar comfort of my parents house, I’ve found that it’s incredibly challenging just to prevent myself from restarting old habits.

But I don’t think the answer lies in escaping familiarity. I do, however, think that we can use that to help us. If we just stick with the new habit long enough to get over that hump of resistance that the familiar environment pushes on us, we’ll be successful!

I totally agree on your point about surrounding yourself with a community that reminds you of the values you’re striving to integrate into your own life. I experienced this many years ago when I was getting in shape — whenever I spent time reading the online fitness forums, I instantly felt a renewed sense of enthusiasm for exercise. 🙂