Hi Raam,

I’ve been reading your blog for some weeks already. You present your ideas clearly and well elaborated.
It was interesting for me to see you writing about changing lifestyle in “Taking Initiative and Instigating Change” just after having decided to limit myself to drinks that are not detrimental to my body (alcohol, coffee, coca cola and other soft drinks) at least until Christmas. I came to this decision after a night with (unintentionally) too much alcohol. I laid in my bed being hung over and noticed that I don’t care about drinks as much as I do about food. That’s the time when it really hit me. After having lived about two years as a vegetarian (five years ago), I had started to care about a balanced nutrition. I eat less meat (once a week) and abandon unhealthy things like fast food. And even though my subconscious mind probably told me that alcohol or coffee are not good for me as well, I still had it, maybe just because I was used to it. Now I’m going to take the next step and limit myself to drinks like water, tea, milk and juice.
I’d like to point two things out. First, every change in my lifestyle also makes me think about things differently. E.g., It’s a new experience to go to a place where you are expected to drink and you do not drink (alcohol) because you don’t _want_ to. I’ve been on parties before where I didn’t drink because I wasn’t allowed since I had to drive (and drink+drive is a really bad thing). This new motivation shows up new perspectives to me and makes me feel better since I can be more confident about my decision and also my mind is clearer. In these days I experience new possibilities in my everyday-live just due to this little change.
Second, I think it’s very important to not suffer from your own decision. Imagine someone decides to stop smoking for at least one month. If he is looking forward to the time afterwards (when he can have cigarettes again), the whole thing won’t have any positive effect. Or the other way around: No smoker will stop smoking because he “knows” that smoking is detrimental to his health. It has to come by heart. I decided to abandon alcohol, coffee and softdrinks at least until Christmas but already now it’s clear for me how much better I can live without. The next step around Christmas is to disengange myself from my own strict limitations without reverting to my old habits.

Best, Aranaman