“we often surround ourselves with more than we know what to do with and, as a result, we become physically and psychologically overloaded. ”

Yeah, totally! However it’s interesting that not everyone seems to be adversely affected by this build up of ”stuff”. I think that when we too busy, too rushed and overloaded in that immaterial way that seems to be something that is completely untenable in the medium to long term for almost everyone. Well, if they wish to remain healthy anyway. But in terms of stuff, material possessions, I know people who are quite happy and relaxed completely surrounded. I don’t get it (lol) but it seems to be fine for them.

You raised interesting points about abundance and sustainability and in particular the idea of all this abundance and all this human effort being channelled in the wrong direction…very sad. It’s a wonderful thing though when go in the right direction: sustainable, thoughtful, creative, genuine, caring, smart…..

I like your ideas on applying that in our personal lives too. I definitely have areas I can focus on 🙂