I love that train of thought Raam – I’m right there with you.

Any job that I take on, I try to think of “what will I gain outside of finances?” – I only want to work with people that will inspire me, jobs that will push me beyond my limits, something that stimulates my thoughts and becomes a platform for the next project I work on.

I think that’s why project based work has always been for me – I see that it’s what’s for you as well – we can’t be tied down anymore because this is the first time in our history that every person has the ability to finally break out of the mold and live accordingly to how they want.

One thing that’s truly inspired me from your travels was your involvement with the school. I would love to, some day, teach whatever I have to offer to those that don’t have access to it all.

I know my limited scope of technology may not be as noble as those that are doing other world projects but I have to believe that making a positive impact by opening up the world through technology, in some way, is noble in itself. You’re giving the vast wealth of knowledge to people that once were limited.

Damn, I’m feeling all kinds of grounded today – the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, family is around and I’m taking it all in.