Thanks for the mention, Raam, and I wanted to celebrate your transition. The path less wandered is wonderful and terrifying all at once, but, man, is it living!

I don’t know a lot of the details of your decision to split and create another blog, but I’d ask you to think about the raison d’etre of both blogs – it sometimes makes it harder to maintain two blogs because, while you’re trying to find yourself and your voice, you’re trying to tell your story to two audiences. Who knows what? Who cares about what? What goes where?

Those questions can introduce enough inertia to stall the sharing process. Sometimes it’s better to integrate everything, especially when you can’t separate who you are from what you’re doing from what you’re thinking. (I got this hit because you couldn’t help but talk about the transition.)

One last thing: if you’re splitting because you don’t know if we’ll care about you as a person, reconsider that. As your blog grows, you’ll see that people do care.