Hey Earl, thanks for the comment!

I think we can expect to fight that “fear of failure” indefinitely — it’s wired into us to be weary of risk and doing things that might fail (like attempting to cross a canyon by walking on air). But the more ideas we go for — the more risks we take and survive — the easier it becomes to act upon future ideas. We have a history to look back at and say to ourselves, “hey, look at everything I’ve already survived and look at what I was able to achieve… let’s see where this next idea can take me!”

It’s like skydiving. Once you’ve done it, many other things — like roller coasters, bungee jumping, etc., — seem trivial in comparison. The initial fear is still there of course, but taking that leap becomes just a little bit easier.

I went with some friends to a nearby river here in India and we dove off a cliff to go swimming. Watching someone jump before me gave me confidence. Add to that the fact that I’ve gone skydiving, and making my first jump in was easy.

The higher your bar has been set in the past, the easier it is to get past anything lower than that. 🙂