Great read, Raam. What Pemala did is a very important step, and it’s cool that it was your post that led to it!

One big change on my mind is to create a business that consciously focuses on staying small and earning less. Just enough to live. I think it’s time for us affluent Westerners to stop dreaming of 6 and 7 figure income and rather try to find alternatives to our growth economies and leave a smaller footprint on this planet.

I already reduced both my financial and ecological cost of living quite a bit, and will thus focus on really building this business. The first step for me is to get more organized. I believe in the possibility of habit changes, but we have to go step by step and give them some time, or we will fail easily.

Of course, this is probably a weird change to propose, but I actually think it can make a difference. It’s of little use to write about frugality and the importance of idleness in our lives if I don’t manage to show it’s sustainable on both sides, i.e. in income AND expenses and concerning the planet AND ourselves.