Odd synchronicity here, Raam.

In the past week I’ve become sick of the provincialism and the ignorance about the breadth that the world can offer people in my school. My peers, unfortunately, are rather short-sighted and school officials just want them to shove off to college to experience the “real world”, without actually telling them what their college degree will get them in life. Odds are, if they’re lucky, all they’ll get is a typical 9-5 job in the same towns they grew up in.

Of course, I know better – I’m much more worldly in my outlook and see so many choices out there (at least, in terms of cool businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities) that it seems like my peers are being brainwashed. I’ve sat and complained about it long enough…

I’ve decided, then, to make an impact. I’m going to create a short manifesto about how they’ve been lied to, and how school doesn’t really determine performance later in life. In fact, it just makes people conform and listen to instructions. Those kinds of factory jobs don’t exist any more. Creativity and ingenuity win the day now.

It’s my job to spread the word if no one else will. Hopefully my manifesto changes at least one life for the better. If it does, my work was a success.

Timely post, Raam!