Hi Raam, awesome post.

About my lifestyle, I would like to change many things but, this is the most meaningful in which I really need a change.
I need to change the fact that I’ve to eat more vegetables, fruits and drink a lot of water, because is necessary for my stomach health. I try sometimes, but I know that I need to be disciplined to achieve the change. The daily routine sometimes not let me to do it but, If I truly want it I know I’ll make it.

Steps to make the change:

1. Consciously thinking in what needs and not wants my stomach.
2. Start with a glass of water every hour or every two hours.
3. Try to eat vegetables like a salad. ( My mom loves salad. She prepares it all the time and I refuse to eat it. Well, sometimes) 🙂
4. Not eating too late; and replace the evening meal for a fruit.

Finally, thanks Raam for this opportunity which means, a therapy and a challenge to realize, the need of the change that we should have in many areas of our life.