Hi Raam,

Wonderful post as always. I truly believe that all notable change happens because we LIVE the change we want to create (see). For us to absolutely see the change we want to happen in the world, and to direct the course of that change, we must live it, actively, in our lives right now, every day.

I love your idea of picking one thing. My husband and I recycle all plastics, paper, cardboard, glass, etc (and try to avoid as much of all of these as we can). We also use only one car, and also public transport, car pool, train, and bicycles. We grow a small organic garden, do almost 100% of our clothes shopping at Goodwill secondhand store (by choice), and use only eco-friendly cleaning products, unscented….everything. As well as make earth friendly diet choices. There are other things we do, but we are always trying to find new ways of changing our world.

Also, we question our values. When I lived wild, I lived so spartan that I completely forgot about “things”. And since being in society I feel a great hunger to simplify my life. I have more things than I will ever need. I tell people to not give me anymore things. I think money can be a powerful tool and I think there is nothing wrong with making money as it can be used to help others. But I often become worn out with the “ra ra ra” of more is better, and that success equates to a fancy house, car, vacations, expensive clothes, etc. I’m not saying we can’t look after ourselves or our families, nor that we should suffer, but I do think we need to reassess our values, and redefine success. The “American Dream” is not realistic anymore; I seriously doubt it ever was.

My husband, who is Mohawk Indian and is a professor at a Native American college, once told me that the best way to teach others is through example (or role model). I never forgot that and have since experienced the effect of it’s truth. We all have the opportunity to teach through example, through the way we live our lives. You are a blessing and a wonderful role model.

I have so enjoy your posts and deeply related to your post about your “reentry” into western culture. It was much the same for me after living in the wild. As I read that post, I felt in my bones how you felt those first few days, weeks and maybe still. I felt it as if it were my own experience. It was.

With deep gratitude,