Hi Raam,
We’ve had water restrictions in my community for several years now because of drought, and this has taught me to be very conservative of water. We’ve had good rain this year, and although the restrictions are going to be be eased, the frugal use of water is now a habit ingrained for life. Part of this is to have what I call a “swill bucket” that I keep in the sink to catch every drop of water as I wash my hands, or rinse dishes, or peel vegetables (the peels go into the bucket too), etc. Nothing organic goes to waste, but is emptied into the compost. The swill bucket sits in a plastic bowl – that fits perfectly into the sink – for washing dishes. The grey water from that goes into the compost too. I’m vegetarian, so there’s no meat or grease from that to worry about.
Do you have recycling bins in your community? We have the usual rubbish bins, but also a larger bin for recycling paper, tin cans, plastic and glass bottles. I very rarely need to put out the rubbish bin because at least 95% of all my ‘waste’ is recycled. If you don’t have community recycling, that might be the next step/initiative after educating your family. We also have a ‘green’ depot at the local tip for recycling garden prunings, etc, which is then chipped and sold commercially as mulch.