Hi Raam,
The step I’m on at present is to initiate a “Teach the homeless how to build” program. I envision selected homeless people creating a cooperative community; helping each other to build their dwellings out of a material called ‘Papercrete’ – a mix of waste paper and cement (that they would make themselves, and later have a cooperative business making papercrete blocks to sell). Once they make the blocks (which are very light, but very strong, with fantastic insulating properties), a half a dozen or so people can put up a dwelling in days. I also see them having a community organic garden for healthy food, and being solar-powered and with their own water tanks, so they can be as self reliant as possible. A dwelling can be built for hundreds of dollars, not tens of thousands.
Papercrete structures are also the answer for quickly and cheaply rehousing people after natural disasters, and helping them to help themselves.