I really want to get back to basics – I’ve been working hard to create a small business for myself that’s low impact on others – I’ve always hated now there seems to be people that have been stepped during the growth of a business; I don’t want that.

I want to be comfortable and have more time to go back to the basics – friends, family and my love of music. I want more music festivals and art.

I’ve recently set in action leaving my work – can’t just yet because it’s only 6 of us and if I were to dip out than everyone’s livelihood would be ruined – so I’m being patient and helping everyone get used to the transition.

Once I’m out I want to explore Europe with a friend for a month or two. Once I’m back, it’s time for major change – I plan to move to Tampa, start a freelance business and spend a lot more time with my girlfriend.

All are hopes and dreams but I’m building up to it, taking those first steps.

Thanks for the insightful and inspirational post Raam 🙂