Hi Honour,

Thank you for sharing your water-saving techniques. Making a habit out of simple things like that really saves so much — it just needs to become something that everybody does without thinking. Right now it seems like for so many people, resources that are scarce in many places are taken for granted because they cannot see the long-term side-effects — for those with the power to do so (the richer countries), the bad effects are delayed and pushed into the future for as long as possible, thereby hiding the need for sustainable solutions. But that will all backfire when it cannot be pushed off into the future! There’s only so much water on the planet and it’s a resource that everybody needs.

As for the recycling in my town — I actually don’t think they do very much. Unfortunately, most of the down is rural enough that everybody needs to take care of their own trash — there is no town collection of trash. Each home has to either deliver the trash directly to the town dump, or pay a private business to pick up the trash for them. The trick is going to be figuring out how those private businesses can benefit from also providing a recycling pickup.

From my initial research, it seems like the town actually charges you to recycle… which in my opinion is absurd. I have a lot more research to do, but I’ve already started! 🙂