Hi John,

It sounds like we’ve reached an identical conclusion to the question of “what happens next?”. I feel that my journey thus far — selling all my stuff and living out of a backpack for six months in three foreign countries — was a very important step on the journey and that without having taken that step, I wouldn’t even be asking this question of “what’s next?”.

Now that I’ve fulfilled that lifelong dream, I feel a very strong sense of the need to do more — to somehow share all the enthusiasm for life and living that I’m experiencing. I feel the need to give others the opportunity to experience similar joy and sense of freedom. And all those thoughts and feelings lead to the conclusion that the answer lies in stepping out of our comfort zone on a daily basis and challenging ourselves to do more and be more — to never settle and to always think forward, towards the future, the future that will inevitably exist even after we’re long gone.