Hey Raam,

Great post dude. It was strange reading this because this is similar to the post I have scheduled to release this weekend. Different words and voice ofcourse. Your an inspiring person Raam and it’s great to see people making differences.

I am ofcourse guilty of doing whats above sometimes. Saying things but not really making the change. Over the last couple years though I have been making more of a conscious effort not to do that and to follow my words with action.

-For 5 years now I have recycled everything I can almost to the point where I’m anal about it
-Talked about Fitness for years before finally doing a 3 month intense program that dramatically changed me
-always talked about hating over consumerism so now I barely buy anything. Very rarely do I treat myself to something like new jeans but aside from travel and necessities, I almost buy nothing anymore unless it helps or educates me.

Anyways, thanks for the post!