Thanks, Matt!

I think it’s all about going against the grain and creating new habits. Imagine everyone developed habits for recycling as strongly as they’ve developed habits for brushing their teeth or even just throwing garbage in the trash barrel. (Of course for many people, the problem is that recycling requires a lot of effort because the local government doesn’t provide recycling services.)

What I’m finding is that it’s extremely difficult to change your lifestyle and create new habits when there’s nothing around you to support you. An even bigger problem is when you’re in a familiar environment (as I am now back at home) and all the old habits and routines can just resume with almost no thought or effort at all. To take that down and go in the opposite direction requires a lot of effort and energy!

I just read your latest blog post and you’re right, it’s so similar to this post! Like yourself, I’ve also had the experience of getting into fitness, changing myself, and then watching as others around me were automatically inspired to exercise too. I think that’s probably the best example of “be the change you wish to see in the world” that I can think of!