Raam and Sandra – I think it was in ‘Dirt! The Movie’ that there was a great segment on regreening the cities. It was really inspiring. One part showed how when a dump truck was left parked in the middle of the city after it’s owned suffered an accident it ”naturally” regreened itself in the tray.

The other bits were human facilitated by memory – but a lot can be done even in the city if people aren’t afraid to do it. I think that many people now, even where I live (even I have fallen victim to this mentality at times I admit) will tend toward getting rid of anything that they fear will cause them work and any sort of garden or greening they place in that category…for example “I must cut down that tree ‘cos it’s dropping leaves all over my lawn” (even though it’s given lovely shade). lol.

I really loved the movie dirt! – it’s very much an all ages film but even though I’m older I found it really sweet and inspiring personally.