Thank you for the comment, Majeeda!

I haven’t seen “Dirt! The Move” (although it’s on my list!), but I totally understand what you mean by the mentality of getting rid of green stuff because it’s an inconvenience. I think the only thing that’s really going to change that is when people realize, accept, and understand how plants, trees, and nature in general has such a hugely positive impact on our wellbeing.

When science finally proves without any doubt that the act of cultivating plants and walking through forests actually heals our body, and when the general public understands how vital all the greenery is to long-term and short-term sustainability, only then I fear will society change their mentality.

Until then, each and every one of us can help march towards that future by taking action, educating others, and being an example for others to follow. I personally intend to start learning a lot more about gardening and farming when I get back to the States in a few weeks!