Hi Adrienne,

That quote just came to me; I didn’t read it anywhere. But there are so few spoken words and so many people that I’d be surprised if I was the first to say it. 🙂

You provide an interesting perspective, one that I’ve often thought about myself. I also feel that sense of being so fortunate for the “freedoms” we have in the United States, a sense of patriotism. I think about all the men, women, and children who have died over the last few hundred years, all the people who have in some small way made my life today possible, and I feel a sense of responsibility to at least do my fair share of service. But then I feel conflicted with how screwed up others parts of the system are now or how misplaced priorities can get and I wonder if I would be doing a disservice instead of a service!

I also share your frustration with answering the question of what is worth dedicating our life to. I’ve been facing that question on and off for years now and I’m beginning to realize that choosing something and sticking with it, or just working towards something that seems worth a lifetimes work, is better than spending my whole life wondering what I should chose only to get to the end with nothing to show for it.