Thanks Gary. I think that serving ones country should be secondary to serving ones community, and I think that’s something that far too many people gloss over, myself included. In this world of extreme individualism, it’s tough to even think on communal scales, especially when things like the Internet and mobile phones make you only a few inches from everybody else. The real world local community is taking a backseat in favor of the global economic and social community.

But when it seems like everybody else around you is immersed in their own world (as I probably appear to be right now typing this comment on my phone sitting in the train and wearing headphones), when nobody appears interested in the local community, it’s a challenge to work and even think on that level (even more so for someone introverted like myself). However, I think it’s important not to ignore the role technology can play in bringing people together in the real world and I think the revival of local community participation on a large scale will take place with technology playing a huge role.