Raam, you certainly have a way with words; now I’m a little bummed sitting in my room, blogging haha.

There’s so many things that I’m absolutely tired of but it’s always felt like I’d never make a difference since many of those things have become the “social norm”.

Look for the underground I say. Make others afraid of what you’re capable of; shake up the foundation and put a stop to the system.

One thing that immediately comes to mind are the raves I go to; they have a bad stigma and I’m not going to lie that many things are very true there but it happens all the time – people try to shut it down. It’s always felt that it’s never that the music was too loud, it was because it was a group of people that were free thinkers wanted to make their own reality.

It applies to a lot of things in life; we have to be defiant of those that try to keep us down, start that revolution one idea and action at a time. Make our own happiness, ya know?