Thank you for the comment, Murlu. I hear what you’re saying about feeling like you can’t make a difference because something has become the “social norm”. I think the important thing to remember is that your individual resistance, if expressed passionately enough, has the power to spread to others around. You have the power to change the social norm if you’re passionate enough about the change.

It’s easy to see so many things that should be changed, but when that’s all we’re doing (seeing or talking about the things that should be changed), nothing is going to change! We need to pick one thing that we’re really passionate about, figure out what actionable steps we can take, start taking those steps, and then sharing our passion with others. Start living our passion. Become the beacon for that change. Then anyone else who agrees with your position will automatically find you in the sea of darkness and you can collaborate with others and become a bigger beacon and change even more.