Hi Raam,

A good post for others, but being a Surti, I felt the post is somewhat half truth.

First of all, you are traveling in India, and you cant expect everyone to understand English. India may have largest number of English speaking people, but not all people speak English, and there is nothing wrong in that. No offense to English language, but you also got to respect the local and national language of the country. India is what it is today due to its rich cultural heritage. If you know Hindi, your life can become easy in most parts of the country.

One can not expect any foreigner to know Hindi/local language when traveling to India, but at the same time, they don’t have any right to complain about communication issues arising from the language barrier. It is just like a Chinese guy complaining in Russia that no one here understands Chinese language.

Regarding the dirty looks, you may be right to some extent. But let me present my perspective here:
I have seen that westerners visiting India have a different kind of attitude. you can say they have a superiority complex. Again, not all of them are like that, but most of them. In earlier days, it used to do the trick, but not now. The generation has changed. They feel proud of what they are and wont tolerate any aggressive attitude.

Above all, you have not seen Surat if you have not taste the food in the city. You need to experience the hospitality of real Surti people in the heart of the city. It is unfortunate, but yes, the bus station and the railway station is not where you will find the local people. These are the places used as a transitioning point to go towards north of the state and country, so you will see may people from all the parts of the country. Surat has been home to immigrants from all over the country, and many of them have made it big in the city.

I am sure you can find more facts about the city here:


“I searched for the crooked, met not a single one
When searched myself, I found no one is more crooked than me” – Kabir