Hi Pranav,

The post is simply an account of my experience. There are no hard facts anywhere. As I mentioned in my response to the first comment, I believe the uncomfortable experience is directly related to the fact that I was only around the bus and train station.

I never expect anyone in India to know English. It was just my observation after being in India for three months, that even people in tiny remote villages understand some English. That’s why it came as a surprise to me when none of the bus or train officials I spoke to understood or could speak any English in a city as big as Surat.

I am familiar with the “superiority complex” that some Americans exhibit, and I’ve made it a point to avoid this, so I doubt that has anything to do with my experience (unless the people I approached already had it set in their mind that I would come across that way).

The Wikipedia page is indeed filled with interesting (and amazing) facts about Surat. I read the entire page before stopping there.

Thanks for the quote by Kabir! 🙂