I think it is worth noting one thing, the people in poverty in most part are more happy than those in the third world. The level of misery in the third world is reaching astonishing levels, as well as suicide rates far beyond that of the third world.

So although removing poverty is certainly worthy, and I am not saying poverty is a good thing by no means, we should focus on what makes people happy, because once the third world has money it wont be happy.

Living in the UK many Indians migrate here and they are miserable as sin once they get their 8-5 minimum wage job and yet they would be considered wealthy to their native land.

Zen knows that simplicity equals happiness and poverty demands simplicity. Therefore the balance is to have total abundance and I mean total and once anyone in the world can have a ferrari, no one will want one.

So we need to achieve an abundance where aquiring things and wealth does not elevate you above others because everyone has all the abundance they need.

This is only possible by changing the debt based money system. Any additional wealth ever produced will always be consumed for as long as people contiune to use the rupee, dollar, pound etc as payment.