I’ve been to India and Nepal as well. I would put it a different way – you don’t need to go to these countries to see poverty. You have it in your own place. I live in Eastern Europe country and surely I can say that here is a lot of poverty here as well. The question is, what you call poverty?

I would even say that in some point that India family can be happy – they live on their own having their own business – it means = security. They will not die because of winter. They have food. Comparing to that, seeing with my own eyes lives of people in my own country, I can say it’s more difficult here. To survive, people need shelter here. If you are not lucky with your intelligence, you are stuck with a very hard work for a very minimum wage, with boss that is hateful and so on. Some people work 1,5 of full time just to pay their bills and have something to eat – and they are very stressed out! Older people cannot afford medicine. They have to choose – whether to pay the electricity or buy the pills. THAT is poverty too. And I can say that those people in India have more sun in their lives and surely are not so stressed as people here.

How to change it so that there would no be poverty? You say, “do not buy such expensive things”, give some money to those poor or make something that they would have a chance to choose at least. OK, that is noble. But we cannot forget what is the real reason of poverty. These are the huge corporations together with banks, that are now deciding what to do with the world – take more money from the people via tax, VAT, obligatory pensions, expensive oil, expensive food, dreadful agriculture and so on. Read about Monsanto. Read about who took all the money in Egypt. Read about banks making false money and debt that kills the nations. Read about “just” wars that are about oil. This is the real cause of the poverty. Soon we will see it worldwide, if people will not wake up to see this real cause.

For a short time in Germany between WWI and WWII people experienced real industrial boom, they built loads of highways, everything was flourishing just within couple of years! And that happened at the same time when other European countries where in depression. And why? Because the government introduced a debt-free money and kicked all the banks away. There is enough for every human being in this world – what is causing the poverty is debt and vampire banks/corporations which bring laws that take everything from the people.