WhiteLilly, thank you so much for adding your thoughts here. These are exactly the kind of conversations we need to be having!

I’m weary of blaming the banks/corporations/governments because it’s the people who make up all of those and keep them running. By changing how we live, we change how the world works. If we set an example for others to follow and voice our opinions about why the way we’re living is so important, others will hear us.

Imagine for a moment that everybody in the developed world who lived within walking distance to their workplace, decided today that they were going to walk instead of drive. Suddenly there would be less demand for oil.

The disparity, I believe, comes from a lack of global consciousness. We are not individually aware of how our actions affect the entire planet and all its residents. Forget the governments, corporations, and banks for a moment and just think about the power of the people. Not the people in one country, but the people of the planet. From that perspective, governments and corporations can do nothing. Without our cooperation, they’re meaningless.

If we live our life and make choices with the welfare of all humanity in mind — from the poor homeless people in India to the stressed and struggling people in Eastern Europe — we can have a positive effect on the lives of everyone.