I have been to Haiti after the earthquake a few times to volunteer at an elementary school, my experiences there were truly life changing. You are absolutely right, we hear and read about third world countries, and what people go through, but seeing and experiencing it first hand is completley different. People tell me im crazy and don’t understand why i would want to go, but i wouldn’t change my experiences there for the world. I love the people with all my heart. They have touched my life and helped me view the world in a different way. I will never again complain about anything, because i know whatever it is, it can always be worse. i definitely agree with Dan when he said that people in poverty are in general very happy. Every time i go to Haiti, i am greeted with smiles and hugs. The children that attend the school i volunteer at have become my family. Everyone there are the most incredible people i have ever met. I am so lucky to have met them, and to have them in my life. If more people decide to go and see how people in third world countries live, there would be a greater chance of making a change. Instead of just hearing about something and feeling bad for ten minutes then going about your normal life, get out there and make a change!
thanks~ Annibelys