Raam, Thank you for such a wonderful post. I was exposed to the third world at a very young age, going into Mexico frequently. One of my favorite things to do was to ask my mom for change so that I could give it to the people begging on the streets. It may sound a bit trite but I wasn’t afraid to look into peoples eyes back then and what I saw was loneliness, but also extreme gratitude when I gave them a small amount of money. Those moments went deep into my heart and have never left. Those experiences are what drove me to travel to other third world countries in order to try to feel their pain in a real way and do something to ease it(even if it’s only a drop in the bucket). I think that I received way more from those wonderful people by understanding a tiny bit of their plight than they received from me in whatever food or money I gave them. There’s always a return in whatever we do(it just might not be obvious what it will be). I’ve spent a portion of my life trying to brake out of the first world bubble with seemingly no success. But I know all is not lost… I touched hearts with many people that have nothing in this world but the clothes on their back and their wonderful family and they made my life richer for knowing them, why shouldn’t I make theirs richer also. Thank you Raam, I’m deeply grateful for you and your heart for people.