I think your mother was probably logged in as me and made the comment. She was probably connecting it to something I wrote on Facebook a few weeks ago.

I too like the post.

Anyway, here are my comments:

Life is in ‘deed’ art. When good intentions are translated into good actions, we are bringing out our Essence. That expression is beautiful because it connects our mind (and intelligence) with who we really are. When the mind is connected with who we really are, it means the mind is reflecting what is Real.

Mind is the reflector (like a mirror), and the reflection in the mirror is clear only if the mirror is clean. When the mind is purified (cleansed of its images) it clearly reflects the Self. The Self is not modified by either the reflector or the reflection.

By its very own nature, the Self is beautiful, because the Self is intrinsically good. ‘Good’ means beneficial, uplifting, healing, inspiring, edifying. Art is always all of this and much more, but always good for one and all, and never harmful. If it is harmful it is not art, instead it is artificial. ‘Artificial’ is that which is not real.

Anyone who is becoming better than they were yesterday is benefiting them self and everyone else. That person is an Artist of Life. Their own life is their own Masterpiece, and it can take many lives for it to become complete.

Our lives become complete when we become completely selfless. It is not a matter of connecting the dots; it is a process of self-discovery by being honest with one’s self, recognizing one’s imperfections (shortcomings), and making the effort to go beyond one’s own small self (ego).

The Truth unfolds like the petals of flower. The revelation of Truth is art.