Hi Raam,

Very well put. What you describe is our natural heritage as human beings. But we’ve been robbed of that heritage by the pressure from the status quo to conform to its version of reality, and to play the roles it dictates; to ‘play the game’. Meanwhile our spirit, our life is crushed and moulded into the square, the pigeon-hole.

Originality equates with uniqueness; is BEING unique. There is nothing in all time and space that is ever duplicated, yet we are all born into cultures that impose conformity upon every individual. We have to conform if we want to belong. We have to conform if we want to survive. Up until fairly recently we had to conform on the threat of death. It takes courage to be your unique self, to be different, and to express that difference. It’s safe to conform.

Yet we have come to the point in our evolution where we must break free from that conformity, and discover who we really are, and where our potentials lie. We need to do it for ourselves, each other, and for the planet.

When we are expressing our uniqueness, there can be no comparison or opposition. Yet we feel neither superior, nor egotistic. We can honor the value of all life and cherish its pricelessness. If we are fortunate enough to meet another who is also centered in their uniqueness, then we only serve to joyfully share and enhance each others knowledge and gifts.