This is what I love best about visiting your site..somehow you address the very “thing” I am processing in my own life.
This morning I very uncharacteristically felt very internally imbalanced. Usually I would effortlessly raise my vibration, but none of my techniques could touch my imbalance. Externally, gusty wind whipped through the harbor rocking my boat as it sat in the slip. After a few hours of this, I realized that my internal imbalance was due to allowing external opinions and circumstances provide my direction; external stimulus was so “loud” I couldn’t access my internal compass.
In other words, current sweeps me when I am not mindfully present; when I allow my self to be distracted, I allow my self to be swept away. This insight allowed me to regain my internal balance and then to go outside and play in Wind with my family..celebrate the external, incorporate it into your creations, and allow it to enrich what you create..rather than to guide or misdirect your steps, allow external to enhance them…
As one who loves all things Ocean related, rather than fight the current (or wind), I honor the power…I learn when to use my skills to surf the waves and harness wind to get to a destination, and I learn when to surrender my will to reach a particular destination and allow nature to guide me along my path..always in gratitude for the journey and all in my sight..