Today I was sitting on the wooden bench at the Aunt’s house in Hue enjoying the chaos of voices that surrounded me, the kids wrestling and running around and I every once in a while glanced down at the book I was reading.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Uncle Hoang’s wife (from Saigon) was staring at me and said something to Mai. The family thought I might be bored I guess. Huan’s wife said something and in a few minutes, Huan said, “would you like to go somewhere and see something?” Huan is an independent tour guide.

I was content right where I was, enjoying the sights and sounds of family. This was the first time visiting family in Viet Nam that I wasn’t hurried from one point to another. It was AWESOME!

Only one thing missing……. Raam wasn’t there this year to enjoy it with me.