Hi Joy,

‘Silly’ is a very perceptual thing, so sharing my latest silly endeavor will likely not appear silly to you. 🙂

But since you asked, here’s something I’ve been doing lately that I consider ‘silly’: I use a task manager to keep track of things I need to get done during a given week and I’m making a habit to go over and create a “today’s to-do list” every morning.

Along with the list of things I review, I’ve been making little notes for other habits that I want to create or change. Each habit includes a little message to myself, a short sentence that reminds me of its importance or gives me something easy to remember as I repeat it each day. For example, “Tea not HDC (Heavy Doses of Caffeine)”, and “Wake early (meet the sun, don’t chase it!)”, and “RUN, running is pure, use those legs or lose those legs”.

Reciting each of these items every morning that I review my tasks helps reinforce the desire to make those changes. Some days I don’t drink only tea, or wake early, or run, but every day I’m reminding of my desire to do so and I can decide if it’s still important to me and continue making changes.