Apt, at all times.

I want to share a dream I once had, my all time favourite actually.

I found myself going from stairwell to stairwell, each level reached through a door from the previous. The stairwell was filled with all types of threatening, clashing machinery – it was a hard job to make myself up to the door in one piece.

And when I did get to the door, voila, the same all over again.

Until, after a number of tries, I put my hand on the doorknob and was about to open it, when I remembered some good advice, that I can alter outcomes and my life by being positive and high thinking. Something like that.

With that thought I opened the door, and found myself flying through a beautiful wooded park, towards a stately building where I alighted on the grass and walked up to my spiritual teacher who sat on a bench as if waiting for me.

Now, if only I can replicate this in my life. It’s about fucking time, seeing as I’m still going through the middle of some kind of industrial machine and I had this dream five or seven years ago.